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Other Features of the College


The College Library along with reading room facility. The collection of books comprises both text and reference books of different Subjects.
Borrowers are responsible for the books issued to them for home facility. The case of any damage or loss of any books issued of them, it will have to be replaced at his/her expense.


Elaborate arrangements exist for both indoor and outdoor games and Sports. Football, cricket, badminton, volley ball and carum are some of the most popular games encouraged among the students.


Stipends are given it students belonging to scheduled caste/ Tribe families and there are distributed according to rules and conditions prescribed by the Central/State Govts. In such cases production of Scheduled Caste/ Tribe certificate is a must in order to authentically their eligibility and bonafide.


Students are urged to take great care in looking at the notice Board on coming to or an leaving the College. No excuse will be entertained, if notices on the Board are ignored.


It is mandatory to maintain strict discipline in the classes as also in the college premises. Students should not loiter or indulge in noisy and disorderly conduct in the college corridors or play ground. Students are required to appear at the examination held by the college. Performances in the examinations held by the college. Performances in the examinations and attendance in the classes are essential criteria for promotion to the higher classes.
Sincere endeavors are made by the college Authorities to mitigate all problems or difficulties of the Students. The college offers an excellent opportunity to students for personal guidance and help in regard to academic matters.
Students must be in their classes when the bell rings at the beginning of each period and must take their seats. They must not enter or leave the class rooms without permission of the Teacher.


Health aids provided to students of the college under student health home service. For this. Health purpose doctors chamber is conducted at David Sassan School in Canning thrice a week. Different medical tests are done at minimum charges.


The college has a spacious canteen which provides healthy and nutritious foods to students, teaching & non-teaching staff. Keeping in mind the hygiene, the canteen in clean and caters to the palate of the food savoury.